Teambuilding Seminars

Invite Rob Duncan to inspire and motivate your teams with his seminar ”Teambuilding Lessons from a Tall Ship Voyage around Cape Horn”.

See how a group of strangers formed into a highly effective team that achieved the “Sailor’s Everest”, a rounding of the dreaded Cape Horn.

Hear about fear and forty-foot seas, storms and survival, consensus and confidence-building.

Learn the Teambuilding Lessons that Rob took away from this experience, and that he wants to share with your team.

Team Facilitation

Perhaps you have attended one of Rob’s Teambuilding Seminars, and would like some professional assistance in implementing the ideas in your own organization.

Rob Duncan is available to work with individuals and teams on enhancing their teamwork.


A Certified Management Consultant, Rob can assist you with defining team goals, identifying and removing obstacles to success, and coaching team members toward optimal performance.

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