About Great Capes

Great Capes was formed in 2003 by Rob Duncan, a longtime management consultant and college instructor in the business school of the BC Institute of Technology.

Rob, who is also an avid sailor with over 12,000 ocean miles to his credit, recently returned from a 75 day voyage around Cape Horn as a deckhand on the tall ship Europa.

Rob was impressed with the dynamics of teambuilding that occurred on the voyage.

Over the course of the trip, the crew of strangers somehow formed into an impressive team that achieved the “sailor’s Everest”, a rounding of the dreaded Cape Horn.

While thinking and writing about his experiences, Rob became convinced that are some universal lessons about teambuilding that could be transferred to all types of teams and organizations, not just sailing ships.

Thus, Great Capes was born. Since its inception, Rob’s teambuilding seminars have been reaching enthusiastic audiences.

The name Great Capes is drawn from nautical references to especially dangerous or monumental ocean capes that are challenging to navigate around. The image is apt for our personal and professional lives as well. It has been said that “there is a great cape in everyone’s future”. Knowing how to navigate it effectively is the key to success.

Rob holds a BA in Economics, an MBA, and is a Certified Management Consultant. He has been a practicing management consultant for 20 years and a college instructor for 10 years.

Great Capes offers teambuilding seminars and one-on-one team facilitation and coaching. Our services can be customized to fit your needs, ranging from keynote addresses at conferences to quick lunchtime meetings. Rob Duncan is also available one-on-one to work with teams and individuals to maximize their performance.

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